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Produced in the Documentary Media Program (MFA), Ryerson University, 2021

Ryerson Artspace Gallery, 401 Richmond St. W., Aug 4-28, 2021

Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 1:00-5:00, private showings available outside of gallery hours - contact artist

A PEOPLEHOOD : AMIUT YEHUDIT is a multimedia installation examining Toronto’s contemporary Jewish community and, simultaneously, the emotional impact of today’s insidious antisemitism. Comprised primarily of a two-channel video incorporating observational photography, portraits, audio interviews and social/print media, the work is an intimate portrayal of the complexity of a community that celebrates its identity in many forms.

Operating as a cultural anthropologist, I use media ephemera to situate expressions of antisemitism and contextualize the lived experience of those photographed. Observational photography, portraits and still life illustrate the community’s resilience and shared values. In the form of layered audio, the community reflects upon aspects of identity, pride and trepidation illustrating Jews’ ever-present awareness of living as a minority community in Toronto.

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